The Hitzinger Rotary Diesel UPS system provides a guaranteed supply of power to protect business continuity against mains failure. The DRUPS (Diesel Rotary UPS System) is the perfect solution for mission critical applications, with the NBDK specifically designed to suit IT grade power requirements. The Rotary Diesel UPS system is made up from four major components, including the Diesel Engine, Electromagnetic Clutch, Hitzinger Alternator and Kinetic Storage module (KIN).

During stand-by operation, the rotary diesel UPS system uses the combination of the Kinetic energy module, alternator and coupling choke to provide a superior source of conditioned power to feed the consumer. In-case of mains failure, the stored energy in the KIN is released as to maintain the speed of the alternator, until the diesel engine can take over (<7seconds) and becomes the driving force of the alternator for prolonged periods of time. These systems provide extremely high availability and reliability in case of mains failure and high efficiency during stand-by operation.